Hope After Betrayal

Have you experienced that most terrible and dreaded moment? The one when you discover that the person who you loved, lived with and depended on most in the world has betrayed your trust and violated the boundaries of your relationship? The moment when your relationship tilts sideways and goes from being a source of support, safety and belonging to being a source of pain, fear and deep uncertainty?

If so, then you have experienced Betrayal Trauma.

Help is Good

Betrayed partners need help navigating the aftermath of betrayal. They need help understanding the emotionally fragmenting experience of Betrayal Trauma. But most of all they need HOPE.

Hope is Better

PartnerHope is here to offer you practical and authentic hope in the aftermath of betrayal. Hope that there is a way through the long dark night. Hope that there is help and support available. Hope that there is a pathway through the chaos and confusion. Hope that there is a way to survive what has happened and maybe even, dare we say it, thrive and flourish once again.

"In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. " —Albert Camus